What are you doing to keep people coming to your business on social media?

I was recently asked this question: “When are you going to stop giving away value for free?” - and my immediate answer was: Never.

What is bringing people back to you on social media

Why I won’t stop going away value for free

The reason being…

I’m here to make your business successful on social media.

Through social media management, social media one-to-ones and social media audits.

Lots of my posts on LinkedIn tell you exactly how to be successful on social media.

But my clients – current and perspective – won’t do it themselves.

And they opt for my done-for-you social media management service.

Because they don’t have the time, resource, knowledge etc to manage their own social media.

They want me to do it.

I mix that value with proof of me doing it; backing up the fact I’ve done it, and can do it for your business too.

So that creates new opportunities, as it does for so many others on LinkedIn, using this strategy.

Being yourself on social media

But then there’s this:

I’m just being me.

I don’t give everything away for free but I probably give more than the average person.

And I’m fine with that, because it’s what I’m like as a person.

I honestly believe what you put out, you get back.

I consume so much value from other people.

It’s what keeps me coming back.

And I want to be the same for others, lifting them to keep them coming back to me.

So, my answer remains:

Never. I’ll always give something valuable away for free.

Consider what you’re doing to bring people back to you

My question in return is:

If you’re not giving away value in some form, what are you doing to bring people to you?

And what are you doing to keep them coming back?

Ask yourself that for you and your business.

It may provide you with some new considerations for your social media strategy.

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