Five tips to grow your company LinkedIn page

Having a company page on LinkedIn can grow brand awareness, position your business as a go-to in your industry, and attract new customers.

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Your company page won’t be seen as much as your personal profile as LinkedIn’s algorithm is people-first, not business-first, but there’s still a place for a company page in your strategy.

I like to think of company pages as the highlights section – the best of the best of what your company does, examples of it doing just that, how it makes a difference with the service or product it provides, and a showcase of the people within your business.

Growing a LinkedIn company page from scratch can be a challenge, but I’ve spent the last two years building a company page to more than 43,000 followers so I know it can be done.

Here are my tips for steady and consistent growth:

1. Complete your profile

LinkedIn has said that businesses with complete profiles receive 30% more impressions, so make sure your profile is full.

Include a profile logo, an on-brand banner, a creative summary, all the essential info, and contact details.

Also, keep an eye on any updates that LinkedIn introduce – they recently added Commitments to company pages for businesses to show what’s important to them.

Commitments: Click here to see my recent post about Commitments

2. Post consistently

I mentioned types of content you can post in the intro, but how regularly you post is dependent on resource.

As a minimum, aim for three posts per week. If you have more resource and more content opportunities, aim for anything up to once a day – but I wouldn’t recommend posting any more than that.

Ensure content is educational, informative or entertaining, and relevant to the audience you’re trying to engage.

Top tip for content: Include people as much as you can!

3. Activate your employees as advocates

With LinkedIn favouring content from people, activating your employees to promote your company page on LinkedIn is a must.

Encourage your people to follow the company, engage with your business’ posts, send the content to their networks, and tag your business page when they post relevant content.

This is a huge opportunity for sustained growth of your company page: Here’s how to introduce an employee advocacy plan.

4. Use your credits

A more direct route to growing a company page’s following is by using your invite credits.

Page admins get 250 invite credits per month, and you should rotate through your employees, adding them as admins and then inviting their network to follow your page.

5. Engage as your company page

LinkedIn has made it easier to engage as a company, so take this opportunity to do some proactive engagement and become more visible.

Respond to any comments on your posts, engage with posts that you are mentioned in, follow relevant hashtags, and get involved in conversations with your target audience.

By socialising as your business, you are giving it a personality, which can separate you from your competition. Take a look at Surreal – they do it well.

So there you have it. Five tips to leverage LinkedIn to grow your brand and create new business opportunities through a company page.

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Five tips to grow your company LinkedIn page

  • Complete your profile: Make sure all sections are filled out
  • Post consistently: I suggest aiming for three posts a week
  • Activate your employees as advocates: Set up a process for staff to promote the company page and its content
  • Use your credits: Invite your network to follow your company page
  • Engage as your company: Give your company a personality and get social
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