The importance of a social media strategy

What does success look like to you and your business? Answer that question to start your social media strategy. The word strategy sounds fancy but don't overcomplicate it. It should be a simple plan with measurable aims that support overall business performance.

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What is a social media strategy?

Success to you on social media may be to increase sales, raise brand awareness, or to get people to sign up to a webinar series.

Whatever you want to achieve, your strategy is the plan of how you will use social media to reach those aims.

It will include:

  • Detail on your target audience
  • Your chosen channels
  • What you will post
  • When you’ll post it
  • Other tactics you’ll use
  • How you will measure performance

Everything in your strategy should contribute towards reaching your aim(s).

Why do I need a social media strategy?

Having a social media strategy will give your presence a purpose.

It will ensure the time, effort and energy you put into your social media marketing is supporting wider business goals.

You will be clear on success, your audience and how you’re going to engage those people to make a difference, and how you will track performance.

A strategy will also provide a joined up approach to content and customer interactions, keeping your communications consistent in style and messaging.

Without a strategy your presence on social media will be aimless, inconsistent and, ultimately, unsuccessful.

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Social media strategy

  • A social media strategy is a must for any business on social media
  • A strategy is a simple plan with measurable aims that are related to overall business goals
  • It should include detail on your target audience, tactics you’ll use, and how you’ll measure success
  • Without a strategy your presence on social media will be aimless, inconsistent and unsuccessful
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