A simple way to stand out on LinkedIn

There are 1 BILLION LinkedIn members but below 3% of us in the UK post in a month. So here’s how to stand out: Post.

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If you’re already posting regularly, celebrate that. Because you’re standing out ahead of the other 97% of people.

If you’re not, this one’s for you.

But, before you open LinkedIn and post, take a step back. Let’s plan.

Grab a pen and three post-it notes.

Write down:

  • What you want to achieve (the reason you’re on LinkedIn)
  • What you want to be known for (up to three things)
  • The people you want to speak to (your target audience)

Stick the three post-its somewhere you can see them every day as that’ll keep you on track.

Now let’s think about posting.

What should I post on LinkedIn?

You should post about those things (up to three) you want to be known for. Because if you post about them consistently, you’ll become known for them and relevant opportunities may follow.

Take me, for example: I post about social media management for businesses. That includes examples of good content, tips and advice for businesses, on-the-job learnings.

So, when people think of me, they should think ‘he’s a knowledgable social media manager’. Then, when a business in their network needs a social media manager, I should pop into their head.

Whatever you choose to post about, make sure the content you post is unique to you.

How should I present my posts?

When it comes to formats, you have many options: Long-form text posts; posts with images; videos; carousels, and so on.

Do whatever works for you.

If you have a few pictures, perfect – text with images it is.
If you’ve recorded a video, great – love that.
If you’ve designed a carousel – well played.
If you just have words – also brilliant.

Whatever format you choose, make sure you have your target audience in mind, and you’re sharing your own thoughts, knowledge and experiences.

When should I post on LinkedIn?

We’re all busy with work and life, and LinkedIn probably gives way when you have other priorities.

So just post whenever works for you.

Don’t obsess too much on a specific time to post because if your content is well produced, resonating with your target audience, it’ll do well regardless.

As long as it isn’t in the middle of the night – because no one is online then.

How often should I post on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn growth hackers will sit here and tell you to post once a day. But I’m in the real world.

I always say aim for once a week as a starter; then up it to twice a week if you get in a good flow.

The key: Stay consistent. Don’t post four times a week one week, then go silent for three weeks.

Find your rhythm

I block out 8am till 9am every Friday to write a LinkedIn post or two for the following week.

The reason is that the pre-planning keeps my posting activity consistent. It also means I’m not scrambling around for content at the last minute.

And I do it on a Friday because everything flows better for me first thing on a Friday.

Get time in your diary that works for you and find your rhythm.

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A simple way to stand out on LinkedIn

  • Join the 3% of people who post
  • Create posts about the topics you want to be known for
  • Keep your target audience in mind when creating your posts
  • Don’t obsess over what time to post – post at a time that works for you
  • Aim for once a week as a starter and stay consistent
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