A social media plan for a new B2B company

If I was starting a new B2B company this year, this is the approach I’d take on social media. For this example, let’s pretend I’m a business strategist in the professional services sector.

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1. Pick your channels

This is B2B, so it’s LinkedIn all the way.

But my company is totally unknown. And LinkedIn favours content from people.

So I’ll use a personal page to get up and running.

A company page will be needed in the long term as I scale, so I’ll set that up too, and filter some of the stand-out content onto the page.

2. Plan your content

Firstly, what do I want to be known for?

Well, I’m a strategist in the professional services sector, so I want to be known for:

  • Culture
  • Strategy
  • Leadership

So that’s what I’ll post about.

But why is someone going to follow me?

It’s likely to be educational. But I may play into entertainment, too – add some humour to the professional services sector to stand out.

So I’ll talk about culture, strategy and leadership, with educational and entertaining content. Alongside some personal stories, too.

Because I’m just starting out, the goal of my strategy is to grow a following.

My content will be aimed at getting more eyes and building trust – top and middle of the funnel content – rather than bottom of the funnel, salesy stuff.

  • Top: Content to get more eyes
  • Middle: Content to build trust
  • Bottom: Content to sell

Whatever I post, it’ll be my thoughts, my expertise, my experiences, my personality.

3. Set your schedule

I’m going for:

➞ Two to three posts per week on my personal LinkedIn page

➞ One post per week on the company page (repurposing the trust/authority building posts from my personal page)

But I know it’s not all about posting – I’ve got to socialise, too:

➞ Minimum of 30 mins per day of exploring, commenting, connecting, and messaging

4. Put the plan in action

I’m going to do all of the above for six months.

I’ll be measuring my progress at the end of every month.

The aim here is to simply grow a following, because it’s early days for my business.

For my personal page, I’ll be keeping tabs on followers, impressions and engagement rate, and I’ll keep a close eye on profile viewers.

While I’m not expecting lots of new opportunities, I’ll still keep a log of any conversations I have in the DMs.

Because that’s where the opportunities will come in future.


A social media plan for a new B2B business

  • Use LinkedIn personal page mainly
  • Pick what you want to be known for – aka your content topics
  • Plan your content with mainly awareness and authority content
  • Set your schedule of activity: Posting, commenting, connecting, messaging
  • Put the plan in action for six months, measuring progress monthly
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