A nod to 2024: Three ways to win at social media

With the rise of AI and the insane amount of content on social, this is the time for your business to own a personality, build relationships and be memorable.

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The 2024 losers will be: Corporate, robotic, rigid

The 2024 winners will be: Human, approachable, relatable, social

Here’s are three things I’ll be emphasising with the businesses I work with:

Define your personality

Treat your business like a person.

Draw that person and create a personality, then stick it to your wall and take on that personality.

What values does your business have?
What is your business interested in?
How does your business speak?
What words does it use?

If you need a workshop to create one, do so.

Put the social into social media

Move away from just pumping out content.

Instead shift some focus on inserting your business into relevant conversations.

Be useful, be relevant, be human – with thoughts and feelings.

You’ve created that personality, now turn up, show that personality, and build relationships.

Collaborate with your employees

Two-fold for this one:

1. Include employees in your content

Including employees on your channels gives your content personality and originality.

That’ll help you stand-out, and will create stronger connections with your audience.

2. Empower your employees on social media

Employee advocacy.

The benefits of your employees posting on socials:

  • Increases content visibility and engagement
  • Showcase your company culture
  • Dominate share of voice on social

With budgets tightening, employee advocacy is only going to grow in importance.

Because if you have employees, you have business/client touch points on your payroll.

But employee advocacy isn’t about forcing your employees to post robotic, sales messages.

It’s about empowerment and working together to support them to be active on social media.

And collaborating on content they want to create with you.


Three ways to win in 2024

  • Create a personality for your business and own it
  • Take that personality to social media and be social
  • Collaborate with your employees to add personality to your channels
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Add these three points to your social media strategy for 2024 and your business will show up with personality and build relationships.

And that’s what successful social media is.

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