Personal branding: Presenting to students at the University of Northampton

Being the first person in my family to go to University was a big deal to me. And being able to present to students at a University is an even bigger deal.

It’s something I’ve always wanted to do. And it recently happened.

I joined the MSc Digital Marketing students at the University of Northampton for a session.

The topic: Creating your future

With a strong dose of personal branding.

I shared the story of my last year, in the most honest and transparent way possible:

Becoming a dad.
Leaving my full-time job.
Starting my own business.
Using LinkedIn to build relationships.
And now working with some great people.

The key point was that all of that is the result of everything I’ve done since graduating in 2012.

It hasn’t happened overnight, and I certainly haven’t got everything worked out.

But if you ask yourself what you truly want in the short, medium or long term, you can work towards that with intent.

It took me until I was 30+ to answer that question, and I wish someone had asked me it a lot earlier in my career.

So that’s what I asked the students, and gave them advice and guidance on how they could achieve that.

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