Employee advocacy on social media: Three tips for your business

Your employees are the vehicles on LinkedIn that can drive eyes and ears to your company page, and your business in general.

Ryan delivering a social media presentation to staff at Shoosmiths.

And if you’re not doing all you can to support your employees with their LinkedIn presence, you’re missing a big opportunity.

Employee advocacy is something I worked on for three years while I was social media manager for law firm Shoosmiths.

That programme I led saw the firm sit in the top 10 UK firms for % of employees that are active on LinkedIn.

You can read more about that here, in this case study.

It’s DSMN8 – The Employee Advocacy and Influence Platform who pull that data together.

And I was sent a book by DSMN8 Founder Bradley Keenan (thank you, Bradley!).

Bradley’s book includes 101 cheat codes for employee advocacy.

I’ve flicked through the book and picked out three that resonated with me instantly.

Employee Advocacy: 101 Cheat Codes

➞ Advocacy does work in regulated industries

Yes, it does! But your strategy and approach may need adjusting to make it work.

In the legal profession, I found writing suggested posts, designing visuals, and sending them directly to people for them to post, worked well.

In other, less regulated industries, people may wish to write their own posts.

➞ Good things come to those who wait, so be patient

This is true for advocacy but also for social media in general.

It’s a long game!

The customer journey is never: See social media post > buy product/service.

Invest in social media, maintain consistency, and results will come over time. Trust me.

➞ Monitor advocacy performance v company socials

Shoosmiths’ LinkedIn page grew from 22,000 followers to 47,000+ in the three years that I managed it.

There’s no doubt that employee advocacy had a huge contribution to that.

Grab Bradley’s book, make employee advocacy part of your overall social media strategy, and you’ll be onto a winner.

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