How to grow a LinkedIn company page following

Having an active company page on LinkedIn can grow brand awareness, position your business as a go-to in your industry, and attract new customers.

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But organic company page growth is a challenge – it’s not as simple as posting and watching the numbers rise.

It requires resource, dedication, and a smart strategy. And all of those things over a good chunk of time.

These are the tactics I used to support the growth of a law firm’s company page following from ~22,000 to ~48,000 in three years:

1. Complete the company page

Businesses with complete profiles received 30% more views.

So complete the company page:

  • Profile logo
  • On-brand banner
  • A creative summary
  • All the essential company info
  • Those all-important contact details

And keep an eye out for any new additions to company pages. Add them to your profile when they’re introduced by LinkedIn.

2. Post consistently

Aim to post twice a week, at least.

If you have the resource and the content, post once a day. But no more.

➞ Bonus: Include people in your posts – whether that’s employees or customers. Tags, pictures, quotes.

3. Socialise as your company

Put the social into social media as your company:

  • Respond to comments on your posts
  • Engage with posts that you’re mentioned in
  • Get involved in relevant conversations with your target audience

4. Empower your employees

Your employees can drive eyes and ears to your company page.

So do everything you can to support them being active on LinkedIn.

  • Social media policy
  • Central pool of content
  • Training and development
  • Incentives and recognition

I produced a blog focused on introducing a complete employee advocacy plan ➞ click here to read it.

5. Use admin invite credits

Page admins can invite people in their network to follow the company page.

Make your employees admins and invite relevant people from their network to follow the page.

Want to know more about this project? Click here to read the case study.


Grow your LinkedIn company page

  • Complete your profile: Make sure all sections are filled out
  • Post consistently: No more than one post per day
  • Activate your employees as advocates: Do all you can to support your employees to be active
  • Use your credits: Invite relevant connections to follow your company page
  • Engage as your company: Give your company a personality and get social
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Do those five things consistently and you will be able to leverage your company page to grow your brand and create new business opportunities.

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